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Duty and Jurisdiction

  • basic questions of agricultural, forestry and environmental policy (non-regional and international matters);
  • agricultural and environmental law, environmental information and environmental education;
  • applied agricultural, forestry, hunting and environmental research;
  • water body management, water conservation, above-ground bodies of water, ground water, water supply, sewage water disposal and hydraulic architecture;
  • commercial and industrial waste management, soil protection, contaminated industrial sites; geoscientific and soil science state survey (including risk assessment) and soil information systems;
  • pollution control, technical environmental protection, climate protection, safety in nuclear engineering, supervision pursuant to atomic legislation, environmental radioactivity, radiation protection (assuming a different ministry does not have jurisdiction);
  • agricultural and environmental policy concerns and legal execution of bio-/gene technology, hazardous substance legislation (excluding the concerns of labour legislation) and registering new and examining old substances;
  • conservation and landscape maintenance and biotope and preservation of endangered species;
  • landscape ecology and landscape planning, state culture, developing the rural region, village development and rural reorganisation
  • agricultural structure, agricultural promotion (including compensation payments), nutrition management (guaranteeing nutrition, nutrition consultation, providing emergency nutrition, consumer guidance and home economics);
  • agricultural and garden production (including ecological agriculture and gardening), leisure-time gardening and non-profit land management, fishing, renewable raw materials and wine growing;
  • marketing agricultural and gardening products, agricultural market structures and sales promotion;
  • on-going education in agriculture, home economics and forestry, continuing education in the rural region and agricultural and house economics college systems;
  • forestry, forest ecology, managing state forests, supervising and promoting the private and corporation forest, administrating the state forest assets, timber market and hunting;




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