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Becoming self-employed

Starting a business in Germany

Starting a business in Germany
(© Jens Schlueter/ ddp)

Want to become self-employed or start up your own business?

Have you come to Germany with a good business idea and now want to become self-employed? As an EU citizen, you are entitled to start up a business in Germany or work on a freelance basis. Persons from the new EU member states in Central and Eastern Europe need a work permit to do this.

The »Becoming self-employed« section of Amt24 provides information on the steps you need to take to start up a business, e.g. business registration and starting out as a freelancer.

Please remember that, for example, you will need permits to run a restaurant, or a master craftsman’s qualification to run a hairdressing salon. The websites of the Chamber of Industry and labour unions will also provide information on this.

Please also remember that certain factors need to be taken into account when employing foreign workers.

Release note

State Chancellery of Saxony. As at: 28/02/2012