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The Saxon state government consists of the Prime Minister and nine State Ministers. It is their task to govern and administer the state. As the head of government, the Prime Minister decides on fundamental state policy.

Saxony's public services do not only employ officials in state and municipal authorities, courts and colleges, but also those working for public service organisations, which are under the supervision of the state.

The state-of-the-art administrative structures are efficient and in touch with the people. The same applies for all levels of the state government, from subordinate authorities to municipalities and counties. The public service portal Amt24 and the overview of state law (REVOSax) provide direct online contact for citizens to their administration.

Prime Minister Stanislaw Tillich

Prime Minister Stanislaw Tillich

The Prime Minister determines and is responsible for the guidelines of Saxon state policy. He is the international representative of the Free State and appoints ministers and state secretaries.



The cabinet is made up of the Prime Minister and nine State Ministers in the various areas of responsibility. Together they form the state government of Saxony.

State Chancellery of Saxony

State Chancellery of Saxony

The State Chancellery supports the Prime Minister in his duties. Around 240 members of staff provide the political basis for a cosmopolitan, modern, and innovative Saxony at the heart of Europe.



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