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Free State of Saxony

The land under the white and green flag bases its reputation on its history of peaceful trade and industry, culture and spirit. No wonder that Saxon history has shone more with the blue crossed swords of our world-famous Meissen porcellain, than with military exploits.

Semper Opera House, Book Fair, Bach Festival: the cultural variety on offer in the Free State provides numerous highlights. But these examples are not limited to the state's metropolitan centres of its capital Dresden, or Leipzig and Chemnitz. Some of the small villages in the Ore Mountains or the Zittau Mountains have their very own, utterly unique charm. Unforgettable landscapes - from the Leipzig lowland bay with its fertile land to the picturesque vistas of Saxon Switzerland - are an inspiration to the Saxons as well as to the large numbers of tourists visiting the Free State each year.

Time and again the Saxons - which includes Sorbs, Lower Silesians, and Vogtlanders - are characterised as cosmopolitan, relaxed and warm, with a particular enthusiasm for travel.

The Saxon's generally relaxed demeanor changed however in 1989. What began in Leipzig, soon spread to churches and streets in the entire GDR. Posters, light chains and demonstrations emphasised peacefully but unmistakably: We are the people!

Since the Peaceful Revolution, the Free State of Saxony has come a long way towards economic recovery. About one third of the entire economic output of the new federal states (excluding Berlin), is produced in Saxony today.

The upturn has been felt to date mainly in the areas of construction, trade, and retail. Saxony has however also begun benefiting from industrial growth. Medium-sized businesses have become the mainstay of the state's economy. Saxony's future seems bright in context of its central location in the middle of a rejuvenating central Europe.

The Landtag

The Landtag

The Landtag is the elected representation of the people. Located on the left bank of the Elbe river, close to the Semper Opera House, the Landtag decides on the state's budget and legislation, and monitors government activities.



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