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The Archaeological Heritage Service of Saxony offers various publications to inform both the scientific community and the broader public about the results of archaeological research in Saxony.

The scientific periodical »Arbeits- und Forschungsberichte zur sächsischen Bodendenkmalpflege« was first published in 1950 and comprises 47 volumes so far.
The reports published in the monographic »Veröffentlichungen des Landesamtes für Archäologie mit Landesmuseum für Vorgeschichte« contain detailed presentations of material recovered on large scale excavations like Liebersee, Niederkaina or Reichwalde.

ARCHÆO, instead, is a magazine featuring short texts and numerous images. It keeps the broader public informed about ongoing projects, excavations, exhibitions etc.
ARCHAEONAUT, our smallest publication, sets its focus on an outstanding monument or extraordinary archaeological find.
Apart from this, we publish exhibiton catalogues or special editions for selected projects.

Download publication list:
All titles listed can be ordered directly in our institute. Please note, that orders from outside Germany require advance payment. Once the order has been registered, the customer will receive an invoice and payment notice. As soon as the payment is booked the titles will be delivered plus a copy of the invoice as a delivery notice.




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Dr. Christoph Heiermann

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