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Automatic Find Inscription

Inscription machine for archaeological finds.

Inscription machine for archaeological finds.
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The Archaeological Heritage Service in Saxony is now in the position to take orders for labelling archaeological finds. The prototype of our labelling machine was developed by the company Gärtner, Glaubitz, in cooperation with the Archaeological Heritage Service. The equipment guarantees labelling in a constantly high quality as well as outstanding legibility and stability.

When the finds are accurately positioned under a laser pointer, the inkjets slide into desired print position. The vertical adjustment of the inkjets is guided by an ultrasonic sensor. The label is applied in a non-contact procedure and can be printed alternatively in black, white colour and/or on a white field (see illustrations). The ink dries with in one second. If necessary the label can be easily removed with acetone.

Find inscription in black colour

Label text

The label text can be composed from arbitrary number and letter sequences in character sizes from 1 to 12 mm. The machine is controlled by a computer with network integration and problem oriented, user-friendly software. A connection to an Access data base allows for archiving and evaluation.

    Find inscription in white colour

    Individual object number

    An individual object number can be assigned to each piece. The objects are counted automatically. The statistical record will be available on a CD. We will be happy to offer you find packaging in bags or standardized cardboard boxes as well as encoding the packages with bar codes.

      Find inscription in black colour on a white field


      The average price is 0,15-0,20 € for the labelling of an object. The use of our efficient machine will thus lower your costs for labelling archaeological finds substantially. A single case calculation is however necessary in every case.

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