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Looking beyond our borders

Saxony maintains relations far beyond her immediate neighbours. The state has forged and continues to maintain numerous contacts on ministerial level and on the basis of project-specific joint ventures worldwide.

Many regional partnerships can look back on a long history, while others are relatively new and are still in their early stages. Alberta (Canada), Brittany (France), Hubei (China), Slovakia and Hungary are just some of the many regions and countries, with which Saxony has forged lasting partnerships. The Free State also maintains excellent relations with Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, Great Britain, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Macedonia, the Netherlands, Austria, Quebec (Canada), Romania, the Russian Federation (especially Bashkiria and Tatarstan), Spain, South Africa, Ukraine, USA, Uzbekistan and Vietnam.

All of them have found a reliable partner in Saxony – in every respect.


Regional Partnerships

Saxony partners with many regions in a large variety of sectors.

Gemeinsame Vereinbarungen

Common Accord

Saxony and her partners reach joint agreements and initiate common projects.



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