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Security and Justice

Security and Justice

Security and Justice
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Regular exchange of information and close contact is especially important in the fields of security and justice.

In particular with regards to cross-border organised crime, close cooperation among national law enforcement authorities is absolutely crucial. Representatives of Saxon, Czech and Polish prisons have been visiting each other for years in order to exchange experiences. The judges also work closely across borders. Since 2001, for example, there have been German-Polish judicial conferences held alternately in Saxony and Poland.

»Direct Line«

The Saxon State Ministry for Justice initiated the »Kurzer Draht« (»Direct Line«) project at the end of 2007. This is a network of multilingual public prosecutors in offices of the Free State of Saxony, Republic of Poland and the Czech Republic near the border. Over 50 public prosecutors are now connected to this network. Their task is to provide a contact point for questions requiring legal assistance. The project has made it possible to speed up the legal assistance process considerably.

The contact persons of the »Kurzer Draht« met in November 2008 for a first working conference in Bautzen. A further conference took place in June 2009 under the aegis of the Office of the Public Prosecutor in the Free State of Saxony.

Police cooperation

Policing cooperation is particularly varied. The fields of cooperation include smuggling of immigrants, drug dealing, prostitution and youth crime. Police officers from Saxony, the Czech Republic and Poland have taken part in working visits to the other countries. Language training is regularly given to police officers. In addition to improving their languages and range of experience, the legal background and framework in cross-border cooperation is also important.

There are also monthly consultations on the current situation, among others between the regular police force, railway police, city police, border guards and customs. In addition, there are joint projects aimed at preventing crime, such as the »Young Detectives’ Club«. Joint further education measures are also undertaken in the areas of traffic control, accident investigation, prevention and traffic education.

The police carry out joint patrols in the Saxon-Polish and Saxon-Czech border areas. Reciprocal assistance is given when recording accidents involving foreign nationals as well as joint traffic controls. The »SoKo Mobile« force of German and Polish detectives was set up to investigate cases of car theft jointly and arrest perpetrators.

Cross-border fire brigade assistance

The countries also cooperate in catastrophe prevention and fire brigade work, with joint language tuition, PC connections and support from fire engines stationed near the border.

There is a pilot »agreement for cross-border assistance and cooperation in fire protection«, signed on 25th April 2007, involving the Karlovy Vary region and its fire brigade, Czech municipalities in the districts of Annaberg, Aue-Schwarzenberg and Vogtlandkreis and the Saxon municipalities.

This agreement followed three years of preparatory work and the ratification of the treaties between the Federal Republic of Germany and the Czech Republic on reciprocal assistance in the case of catastrophes or serious accidents. The Usti nad Labem region has stated that it would like to reach a similar agreement with communes on the German side of the border. This is a breakthrough in cross-border fire protection cooperation with the Czech Republic.



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