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Idea & Concept

What is the 'Day of the Saxon' all about?

The Day of the Saxon is the most important folk festival in the Free State. Since1992, it has been celebrated every year in a different city in Saxony during the first week of September.
The main players during that time are Saxon clubs and associations. They publicise their activities and showcase traditional custom. Visitors of all ages enjoy a large variety of sports activities, classical music, community efforts and examples of traditional craftsmanship.

Historical Facts

The so-called 'Saxon Day' was celebrated for the very first time in 1914 between July 4 and 6. The regional author Adolph Ziesche is remembered as the initiator and organiser of the festival, which, as the press put it back then "brings the Wendeners, Vogtlanders, Upper Lausitzers, Altenburgers, Meissners, and Ore Mountain people together as one big family".

A total of 36 delegations from all over Saxony presented their home regions in coloured images. Then as now, the highlight of the festivities was a large parade. It followed the Prager Strasse, past the castle, to finally end at the festival grounds of the former 'Vogelwiese'.



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