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Agriculture and Environmental Protection

Agriculture and Environmental Protection

Agriculture and Environmental Protection
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The Free State of Saxony works very closely with her partner regions in the areas of agriculture and environmental protection. The cooperation includes the exchange of experiences, joint concepts and projects.

Discussions on agriculture and climate protection

It is no surprise, then, that the issues of agriculture and climate protection have been the main subject of discussions ever since the partnerships started. For example, the Free State discusses deforestation and climate protection with the region of Quebec in Canada.

The provinces of Jiangsu and Hubei in the People's Republic of China also work with Saxony in this field. The province of Jiangsu also takes part in discussions on the potential for the food industry.

Sharing experiences

As a result of the regional partnerships, the agricultural colleges have over time also come closer together and exchange experiences and information on innovations. There are, for example, three partnerships with agricultural colleges in Hungary.



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