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Business Location

Economic Structure

Saxony is an internationally competitive location for hi-tech business. There are now five business areas with three urban centres which drive the economy.

Micro-electronics and electro-technical industry is concentrated between Dresden and Freiberg (»Silicon Saxony«). Leading firms in the industry, like AMD, Qimonda, Advanced Mask Technology Center, Siltronic and SolarWorld AG, have all settled here. The business area of north-west Saxony includes the trade city of Leipzig, which has established itself as the centre for media and financial services. The machine and automobile industries have traditionally concentrated on the central Saxon agglomeration around Chemnitz and Zwickau. These centres are increasingly developing regional networks. Examples include micro-electronics firms in Dresden and Freiberg, automotive and machine tool firms in Chemnitz/Zwickau and the concentration of media in Leipzig.

Business Development

The state's own Society for Saxon Business Development (Gesellschaft Wirtschaftsförderung Sachsen - WFS) supports German and foreign investors, as well as Saxon communes and firms since 1991, working closely with communal support initiatives.

The Saxon Development Bank helps to encourage enterprise and in particular supports businesses, technology, exports, answers labour market questions and offers coaching in the creation of new ventures and small businesses. Assistance is also offered for mergers, capital injections and loan security. Cooperatives in manufacturing and innovation are supported financially and receive further assistance from state-supported networks. A database of sources of support helps looks for subsidies for the most varied programmes.



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