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Population Structure

Population profile

Population profile
(© Statistical State Office of the Free State of Saxony)

The age profile of Saxony is – as in most of the new states – very unevenly distributed. There are very marked drops in those now over 60 (Second World War effect), the 35-year-old (the »Pill«effect) and the 0- to 15-year-olds (the reunification effect). The consequences of the Second World War would be even greater, had it not been for the arrival of 997,798 people expelled from Silesia, Pomerania and the Sudetenland. These made up 17.2% of the population in 1949 (source: Federal Archives).

In 2006, a little under half (45.7%) of adults in Saxony were married, more than a third (38.7%) single, and the remainder widowed (8.3%) or divorced (7.3%). Relatively few foreigners live in Saxony compared with the other German states, the share in 2007 being just 3%. The largest group of foreign individuals is the Vietnamese, with just under 11% of the foreign population.



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