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Streamlined Administration

The Prime Minister and Ministries

The State Chancellery and eight Ministries head the adminstration of the Free State. Every member of the state government is independently responsible for his or her department. Minister President Stanislaw Tillich has the authority to decide on the government's domestic and foreign policy, and is therefore responsible for fundamental state policy.

The Prime Minister’s responsibilities include deciding the number of Ministries and the appointment and dismissal of ministers, state secretaries, officials and judges. He or she represents the Free State externally and is responsible for the prerogative of mercy. The State Chancellery undertakes the preparatory work for these tasks, while taking on the role of the senior administrative staff resource for the ministries. The head of the State Chancellery chairs the pre-conference of state secretaries which prepares for Cabinet meetings. He or she supports the Prime Minister in determining policy guidelines and reviews the compatibility of new legislation with the constitution before the Prime Minister’s signature. The Government Spokesman presents the policy of the state government to the media and the public.

State Administration

The Saxon administration is, for the most part, built up of three layers: the state government (State Chancellery and Ministries); the »intermediate authority« (three state directorates and other senior state authorities); and the »basic authority« (unitary urban and rural district authorities carrying out state responsibilities, as well as the lower levels of state and local authorities). As part of the simplification of administration, some bodies, including the Saxon police, have changed to a two-layer structure.



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