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Cosmopolitan Saxony

Democracy, tolerance and a cosmopolitan outlook cannot be dictated from above. Citizens have to show tolerance and openness in their daily lives, and be ready to support their democracy.

The Free State of Saxony spends two million euro a year on its programme »Cosmopolitan Saxony«. It supports associations, clubs, communes and initatives that campaign against right-wing extremism, anti-semitism and xenophobia, or work against these raising their ugly heads. The aim is to encourage local democratic structures and individual initatives, civil courage, community involvement and participation in decision making. Around 80 projects a year have received support so far and the activities supported.

By the state programme have involved 60,000 Saxon citizens. Many small networks and mobile advisory teams help locally in the development of civil society. They encourage citizens to work for the common good in their own areas and to become involved in local groups and committees. The struggle against far-right extremism is a logical consequence of these activities, since tolerance and democracy are in direct conflict with the former East German »Führer« principle. A nine-member committee decides on the allocation of funds and applications for support can be made at any time.

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