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Supporting the sports is an integral part of the Free State's general objective, and is mentioned in the constitution. Article 11 says: »All people must have the option to participate in sports«. All of society benefits from this objective: Children and teenagers should experience the joy of movement, but also employers appreciate healthy, motivated, and teamworking employees - all generations can come together and preserve their love of life in common activities.

Sports in schools is often the first opportunity to get children interested in repeated exercises. Saxony is one of the few German federal states, where 3 sports lessons a week (up to year 7) are mandatory. Furthermore, over 150,000 pupils participate in school sports competitions - particularly popular is the federal contest for schools »Youngsters training for Olympia«.

Whether they just want to try a sport, or already excel at a particular activity: There will definitely be something for everyone in one of the clubs that are registered with the State Sports Association (Landessportbund Sachsen e. V.). The State Sports Association is with its 553,265 members in 4395 registered sports clubs the largest citizens organisation in the Free State. 85,000 volunteers work as trainers, referees, or on the board of the various organisations. Under the umbrella of the State Sports Association, both amateur and professional sports are organised.

Saxony provides the best possible support for talented athletes. In schools with special focus on sports (six grammar schools with one cooperating middle school each), the curriculum and organisation of scholastic programs is adapted paticularly towards furthering athletic talent. The Olympic base camps Leipzig and Chemnitz/Dresden ensure proper development and preparation of our athletes for the Olympic team. And the tally in regards to top athletes in the Free State of Saxony is impressive: Saxon-born athletes, including Katarina Witt, Michael Ballack, Lars Riedel, Ricco Groß, Jens Weißflog, and Sylke Otto are among the world elite in their sports. The summer Olympics 2008 in Beijing have once again directed the spotlight towards Saxon athletes. Nubers say it best: since 1896, 340 Saxon athletes have won a total of 514 medals at Olympic and Paralympics in a total of 33 summer and winter sports disciplines.

A fundamental requirement for popular sports, young and top-level athletes is the provision of a needs oriented and sustainable sports infrastructure. The Free State of Saxony has provided financial support (from state, national, and EU funding) for new constructions and refurbishment of existing sports facilities to the tune of around 202 million euro over the past ten years. In addition to organised sports, Saxony also offers a broad spectrum for individual sports activities. Many kilometers of cycling and skate routes have been constructed in the Lausitz region and in the Leipzig Neuseenland. For winter sports enthusiasts, more than 1000 kilometers of ski slopes have been constructed in the Ore Mountains, the Zittau Mountains, and in the Vogtland – and downhill fans have been provided over 100 tow lifts to the summits.

Sports Country Saxony

In schools, in clubs, with friends or family - the Free State of Saxony provides ample opportunity for sports for any taste and ability.



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