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Saxon Palaces, Castles and Gardens

The upkeep and maintenance of the palaces, castles and gardens is one of the most attractive tasks for the state-owned enterprise »Palaces, Castles and Gardens of Saxony«. The Free State of Saxony, owner of all state-owned palaces, castles and gardens, is represented by the Saxon State Minister for Finance.

With the founding of the state-owned enterprise »Palaces, Castles and Gardens of Saxony« on January 1, 2003, a two-tiered development organisation between the Saxon State Ministry of Finance and the state-owned enterprise was elected. Far-reaching competences were transferred from the Saxon State Ministry of Finance, which retains supervisory authority, to the state-owned enterprise. These new competences and greater autonomy, including far-reaching budgetary powers, personnel responsibilities, far-reaching rights in terms of legal affairs, etc. go hand in hand with greater responsibility. The move reflected the target orientation of a modern administrative organisation!

The Saxon State Minister for Finance has for the most part withdrawn from the operational part of the administration of Saxon palaces, castles and gardens since the formation of the state-owned enterprise. The tasks, which are the responsibility of the relevant department, are similar to those of a managing shareholder in a GmbH (public liability company). The relevant reservations of consent for the activities of the Board of Management or for legal transactions are regulated in the rules of procedure of the state-owned enterprise. Furthermore, strategic controlling is applied. The basis for control is formed by the target agreements between the ministry and the state-owned enterprise.



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