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Immigration to Saxony for Qualified Workers

Immigration to Saxony for Qualified Workers

Prof. Dr. Roland Wöller

Prof. Dr. Roland Wöller
(© SMI / C. Reichelt)

Welcome to Saxony!

Migration has increased globally. Germany is no exception. Some people come to us as employees or skilled workers, others want to study or receive a professional training.

The immigration of foreign workers is cruicial for the Free State of Saxony. These workers allow the Saxon economy to continue on its path of success.

The years in which people emigrated from Saxony are now followed by a time in which people come to stay.

Germany is one of the countries that needs the immigration of qualified workers and consequently facilitates it. Legal regulations on one side together with an open and friendly society on the other wins people over and gives them space to develop their talents. Therefore, a well-managed immigration is a policy for a better future.

The following pages provide key insights and facts about migration and immigration – a guide with a lot of important and helpful information.

Smart minds with an educated heart always enrich our country.

Prof. Dr. Roland Wöller

Saxon State Minister of the Interior


Qualified employees wanted!

The Skilled Immigration Act is intended to created a framework for targeted and increased immigration by qualified skilled workers from countries outside the EU.

Frequently asked questions to the main points of the draft Skilled Immigration Act

Immigration law updated! 

Zuwanderung - Beschleunigtes Fachkräfteverfahren (only in German)

Qualified Professionals Initiative (only in German)



The portal pools useful information for qualified professionals from other countries. It informs about job opportunities, gives an impression of living in Germany and legal requirements for starting work.

Informationen in deutscher Sprache

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