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Open Doors for Top Talents

There is a world-wide shortage of qualified workers. They are the innovators who ensure growth and prosperity. Due to the advancement in high technology such workers are needed more than ever. This need is already noticeable in our economy today, and especially in Saxony is this deficit felt. Already in 2008 20% of the existing job offers were left vacant, thus hindering the development of the economy.

We are looking for young people who see their long-term career opportunities in Saxony. The previous immigration laws put obstacles in the way of non-EU member citizens who are looking for work in Germany.  For almost three years, we argued for German immigration law to open more doors for top talents. After those three years, we have now passed the new Residence Act. After changes in 1990, 2005 and 2007, Germany is now taking a significant step towards a policy of managed immigration. The German Government has gone far beyond the requirements of the EU Directive on highly-qualified workers. In this new Act, 80% of Saxony's stipulations have been taken up. This includes

  • opportunities for job-seeking,
  • lowered income requirements for faster granting of a permanent residence permit,
  • better opportunities for foreign student to start employment.

Immigration laws are federal laws. Saxony has fought actively for changes on a federal level. Now a corresponding act has been passed.

However the problems for immigration are not only in the legal framework. The seemingly overt bureaucracy in the immigration offices could also be a factor. We are currently improving this. In the last instance it is a deciding point how we, the society, relate to qualified immigrants and how ready we are to accept and welcome people from other countries and cultures.

However, now it is important to make Germany more attractive for top talents. Therefore, the Qualified Professionals Initiative was started. It accompanies and amends the common concept for qualified professionals by the German Government and the implementation of the new immigration law.
The objective of the Qualified Professionals Initiative is to make the public, companies and qualified professionals aware of having to secure a qualified workforce and to provide detailed information on this topic. Therefore, two internet portals have been created:

Qualified Professionals Initiative

The German portal serves as a start portal and addresses the German workforce, companies and the interested public.


The portal pools useful information for qualified professionals from other countries. It informs about job opportunities, gives an impression of living in Germany and legal requirements for starting work.



Qualified immigrants create jobs!!

Qualified immigrants create jobs!!

The nationwide experience with the green card ruling for IT specialists has shown that with each immigrant there are on average 2.5 new jobs created.

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