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PhD Students


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Saxony is a location of science. It enjoys a one-of-a-kind concentration, and therefore a well built network of numerous institutions. Making it even more attractive to work towards a doctorate in Saxony, the Germany PhD is internationally recognised and enjoys an excellent reputation.

Germany offers different opportunities for obtaining a PhD:

  • at a university or college,
  • at a non-university research institution,
  • in a German company.

Which way is considered depends on the field or the research project, the respective contract of employment as well as on the personal circumstances.

What is a PhD Student?

The obtaining of a doctorate must be the main focus of your stay. Otherwise it is not a PhD Program in the context of the Residence Act.

Please note: Inform yourself about the exact requirements and structure of a PhD Program in the corresponding doctoral guidelines of the universities and colleges.

Which residence permit is granted?

The residence permit is a temporary right of residence. It is granted for at least one year and at the most for two years, this can be extended.

What are the conditions?

The granting of a residence permit requires that the applicant can show that their means of subsistence is ensured in Germany and that the residence does not infringe or endanger the interests of the Federal Republic of Germany for any other reason.

Who has to agree?

During the PhD Program it is possible for the applicant to work for a maximum of 120 days or 240 half days per year without the agreement of the labour administration. Student assistant work is permitted without restrictions, but the responsible municipal or district immigration office has to agree on this beforehand.

Other occupations need the approval of the labour administration. This is obtained by the responsible municipal or district immigration office in an internal process at the competent team of the Ferderal Employment Agency.

For information on the labour market licensing procedure please call 0228 / 713 2000.

Which additional documents are required?

Apart from the usual documents several further documents are necessary:

  • matriculation certificate or study reservation certificate or a letter of the faculty about the acceptance as a PhD student [original and a copy],
  • a certificate from the college/university (from the doctoral advisor) on the subject, supervision and expected duration of the thesis including the indication of its scientific relevance [original and a copy],
  • PhD students in an employment relationship: employment contract [original and a copy],
  • proof of sufficient means of subsistence e.g. by promise of scholarship or declaration of commitment by parents or a third party or a security deposit on a blocked account in Germany [original and a copy],

Which opportunities for obtaining a PhD do you have in Germany?

If the obtaining of the doctorate is part of a research project at a recognized research institution, then a residence permit for the researcher may be considered.

A PhD can also be obtained during an employment relationship, either

  • at a university or college with an employment contract on a full-time basis or part-time basis with at least half of the average weekly working time or
  • a non-university research institution or
  • a company.

In this case, a residence permit for qualified employment can be considered. This depends on the respective contract, in particular on the duration of employment.

    What happens after the successful completion of the PhD Program?

    Having graduated from a German PhD-Program, you may stay in Germany for seeking employment corresponding to your qualification.

    Which forms are required?

    Application Form for a Residence Permit



    Job offers in Saxony

    Job offers in Saxony

    You can search for job offers in different job market information portals.

    Portals for Qualified Employees »ITsax«, »ITmitte«, »MINTsax«

    Jobs for qualified employees, trainings and internships in Saxony, esp. for the cities of Dresden, Chemnitz, Bautzen, Görlitz and Kamenz.

    Doctors for Saxony


    The Network for your career entry. Information and Serviceportal for medical practice in Saxony. (only in German)



    Whether your place of residence lies in the authorities of the Cities of Dresden, Chemnitz and Leipzig or in the District of Mittelsachsen, you can use the service of AKZESS.

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