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Saxony is internationally renowned as a science and research location. Here we have many different research institutes with excellent and user orientated research possibilities. So that apart from the classic research institutes there is a good deal of constructive cooperation between companies and research institutes. There is a good network, and a close working relationship between business and research. The benefits from this relationship flow both ways. Research projects, which orientate themselves on economic and scientific needs can be a benefit to the economy as a whole.

Science and scientists benefit greatly from international exchange.

Which residence permit is granted?

The residence permit for research is a temporary right of residence. It is granted for at least one year unless the research project is of shorter duration. A residence permit entitles you to do research at a research institution specified in the hosting agreement and to hold a teaching post.

As a researcher you can be granted a residence permit for self-employment under facilitated conditions if the intended activity is related to the research project.

What are the conditions?

The granting of a residence permit for researchers requires that the research institution is approved by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF), that a hosting agreement has been concluded between the research institution and the scientist, the means of subsistence is ensured in Germany and that the stay does not infringe or endanger the interests of the Federal Republic of Germany for any other reason.

Who has to agree?

Only the BAMF is authorized to attest the recognition of the research institution. Research institutions can also be companies that conduct research.

Which additional documents are required?

Apart from the usual documents several further documents are necessary:

  • a current the hosting agreement concluded with the approved research institution [original and a copy],
  • declaration by the research institution of assumption of costs,

Which forms are required?

Application Form for a Residence Permit