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The Cabinet

The cabinet is made up of the Prime Minister and the State Ministers. Together, they form the state government, whereby the Prime Minister decides on fundamental state policy. The State Ministers carry autonomous responsibility for their own departments within these policy guidelines. They can initiate change of policy. The Prime Minister may appoint State Secretaries as additional members of the state government.

The cabinet ratifies draft legislation and any drafts to the Landtag, as well as legal ordinances of the state government. Additional important topics, which the state government deals with a committee, are initiatives of the German Federal Council, voting in the German Federal Council, treaties and administrative agreements with foreign countries. Furthermore, the cabinet decides on any issues or questions of fundamental importance to Saxony, including constitutional or legal questions.

The State Ministers

Martin Dulig

State Minister for Economic Affairs, Labour and Transportation

The Saxon economy and regional infrastructure development are the main tasks for Martin Dulig.

Markus Ulbig

State Minister of the Interior

Markus Ulbig is in charge of spatial planning and public security and order in the Free State, as well as for administrative reform.

Prof. Dr. Georg Unland

State Minister of Finance

Prof. Dr. Georg Unland is in charge of state income, outgoings, and manages the assets of the Free State.

Sebastian Gemkow

State Minister of Justice

Sebastian Gemkow is responsible for legal security in the Free State.

Brunhild Kurth

Minister of Education

Brunhild Kurth promotes an open, fair, and high-performance education system.

Dr. Eva-Maria Stange

State Minister for Science and the Arts

Dr. Eva-Maria Stange coordinates arts and culture, and provides the framework for research and education at universities, colleges, polytechnics, and vocational academies in the Free State.

Barbara Klepsch

State Minister of Social Affairs and Consumer Protection

Barbara Klepsch deals with social issues. These include in particular health, family, and equal opportunity.

Thomas Schmidt

State Minister for the Environment and Agriculture

Thomas Schmidt is in charge of rural issues and environmental protection.

Petra Köpping

State Minister for Gender Equality and Integration

The scope of tasks of the State Minister for Gender Equality and Integration encompasses policies on gender equality, in particular the advancement of equal opportunity for women and men in the labour market as well as integration following Immigration.

Dr. Fritz Jaeckel

State Minister and Head of the State Chancellery

State Minister Dr. Fritz Jaeckel supports the Prime Minister in policy issues and in issues, for which the State Chancellery has autonomous jurisdiction. These include media policy.



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