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Government in Action – Visit the State Chancellery!

Would you like to see what it is like to sit in the seat of a minister in Cabinet? How about being in the middle of political events and maybe meeting the Prime Minister in one of the hallways? How does the state government actually work? What is that so-called »beehive«, and where do the burn marks in the western stairwell come from?

Take a trip with us behind the scenes of modern state governance. During your visit, you will find out about the excitement of government work, and who does what, and why Saxony is represented in both Berlin and Brussels, and, and, and. The tour itinerary includes not only the impressive cuppola hall, the media centre and the »beehive«. You will be taking a trip to the Cabinet Chamber of the Saxon State Government, and we will be telling you interesting facts about the construction, use, and the colourful history of the complex. Interested? Why not book your tour online right now, and be among the next guests of the Prime Minister?

Western entrance to the State Chancellery

Western entrance to the State Chancellery
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Out of the Tedium of the Classroom - straight into Reality

Our tour is the ideal supplement for classroom work, and offers various points of intersection with the Saxon curriculum for the subject Social Studies:

School Type Level Applicable areas of study for the visit to the State Chancellery
Grammar School 9
  • Study area 1: Participation and political order in the Federal Republic of Germany and the Free State of Saxony
  • Compulsory Voting 1: Political Participation
  • Study area 2: Politics & Media
  • Compulsory Voting 3: Political Systems
Middle School 9
  • Study area 2: The free democratic basic order of the Federal Republic of Germany and of the Free State of Saxony - Compulsory Voting 1: Politician - a dream job?
  • Compulsory Voting 1: The Free State of Saxony and the European Union
Vocational School/College 1-3
  • Study area 3: Formation of political opinion and political involvement for young adults

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the tour start?

The tour starts at the west entrance to the building (Carolaplatz square). We encourage punctuality.

Is there a cloakroom, and what do I do with bags etc.?

There is a cloakroom at the western entrance, where you can hand in larger bags etc. for safekeeping until the end of the tour.

What happens if visitors turn up late for the tour?

Late tour participants (up to 15 minutes) can report to the main gate (Königsufer entrance), and will be escorted to join the group. Any participants arriving later than 15 minutes after the beginning of the tour can unfortunately not be accommodated.

Are tour participants permitted to carry activated mobile phones?

Visitors should set their mobile phones to silent or vibrate, or even better, switch them off for the duration of the tour in order to keep disturbances for the members of the State Chancellery to a minimum.

Is the building wheelchair accessible?

Yes. There is a wheelchair access at the main entrance (Königsufer).

Is photography permitted?




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