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Duties of the State Chancellery

Support for the Prime Minister

The State Chancellery supports the Prime Minister in the following areas:

  • Definition of political guidelines,
  • fundamental issues of the federal and state constitution within the framework of authority of the Prime Minister in accordance with Art. 63, Sect. 1 of the Saxon constitution,
  • fundamental issues regarding the territory and its division,
  • relationships with the federal government and other federal states, with a representative office in Berlin,
  • public relations work for the state government,
  • verification of ratified laws in terms of their constitutionality within the scope of their sign-off by the Prime Minister in accordance with Art. 76, Sect. 1, Sentence 1 of the constitution,
  • correspondence and communications with the Saxon Landtag,
  • preparations for cabinet sessions and the EMC,
  • general issues of state administration, and the organisation and fields of activity of the authorities and the administration structure,
  • pardons, in as much as the Prime Minister is authorised,
  • matters of protocol and consular work,
  • media law and media policy,
  • Regional Staff Committee,
  • matters of official decorations and the state emblem,
  • regional partnerships and international relations,
  • cross-border cooperations with the governments of the neighbouring countries Czech Republic and Poland,
  • support for the work of the European regions.



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Government Spokesman

Ralph Schreiber

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