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Chief of the State Chancellery and State Minister Dr. Fritz Jaeckel

Dr. Fritz Jaeckel

Dr. Fritz Jaeckel

Dr. Fritz Jaeckel
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Dr. Fritz Jaeckel (CDU) was born in Flensburg on 12th July 1963. Following completion of grammar school education, he started a Jurisprudence study course in Passau, graduating in 1989 at Heidelberg University with the first state examination. In 1992, this was followed by the second state examination and teaching activity as an academic assistant at Münster University, where he also obtained his doctorate.
From 1996 to 2002, he worked as the personal aide of the Regional Prime Minister and subsequently as Divisional Head for Municipal Supervision and Savings Banking, in the Leipzig Regional Council. Following this, he assumed various tasks in the Interior Ministry, the Ministry for the Environment and Agriculture and the State Chancellery. From 2008 to 2010, he was Head of the Office of the State Prime Minister, and subsequently Head of Departmental Coordination in the State Chancellery. Since 2012, he has been State Secretary in the State Ministry for the Environment and Agriculture. In the aftermath of the flooding in June 2013, he headed the Reconstruction Team in the State Ministry.




Chief of the State Chancellery

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