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Assembly Hall

Assembly Hall
(© Saxon State Chancellery)

The Representative Office of the Free State of Saxony has been located in the former headquarters of the GDR State Insurance since 1999. The federal government bought the building in line with the move of the federal government from Bonn to Berlin, and had it completely renovated within 16 months. In order to comply with the requirements of a modern state authority, and at the same time provide a representative space for events, the building was remodeled and a wing was added. All construction work was agreed with the monument conservation authorities, as it is a listed building.

The complex is situated in the geometric and historical centre of Berlin, a short walk away from the buildings of the German Federal Council and other federal and state authorities. Brüderstrasse is located in one of the oldest districts of Berlin, on the Cölln side of the mediaeval twin town of Cölln-Berlin. The street was formerly known as Brüdergasse, named after the inhabitants of a Dominican monastery, founded in 1297.



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