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Representation of Interest & Representative

The State Chancellery represents the interests of the Free State in federal government in Berlin. The duties of the State Representation in the capital are not limited to the preparation and coordination of the political work Saxony's in the German Federal Council. After all, it is the offical representative of the Free State and therefore its showcase in the federal capital: Saxony's diversity is portrayed here in numerous events and presentations held at various national facilities. The premises of the State Representation also constitute a venue for information and networking for personalities from the sectors politics, science, culture, and media.

The representation monitors the legislative and regulatory activities of the federal government. It reports to Saxon state ministries about the current status of processes at all levels and in all bodies, e.g. the Bundestag, federal ministries, factions, committees, and workgroups.

The State Representative is member of the permanent representative committee, a body of the German Federal Council, and maintains the connection between the state and federal governments.

The State Representative and his assistants are in constant contact with

  • federal ministries and their officials,
  • committees of the Bundestag and the German Federal Council,
  • Members of factions and workgroups,
  • individual members of the Bundestag,
  • other state representations,
  • members of foreign consulates and embassies,
  • the press,
  • radio and television,
  • political parties,
  • churches,
  • associations
  • and other representations of interests (lobbies).



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