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Employing foreign workers

    Do you need staff for your business?

    If your business is growing and thriving and you need reinforcement, you can employ new staff. The Federal Employment Agency will help you look for them. Whether or not your staff need a work permit will depend on their nationality.

    Staff from the »old« EU member states, EEA states and Switzerland

    Citizens of the old EU member states are entitled to free movement for workers, and do not need a work permit.

    Staff from the »new« EU member states

    Citizens of the new EU member states, with the exception of Bulgaria and Romania, no longer need a work permit. Citizens of Bulgaria and Romania, however, do still need one. It is expected to be valid until 31 December 2013 – which marks the end of the seven-year transition period since they joined the EU.

    Staff from third countries

    Citizens of third countries need a residence permit which includes a work permit.

    Release note

    Saxon Regional Department of the Federal Employment Agency. As at: 14/01/2013