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Who we are looking for

Saxony needs qualified workers! We open our doors for top talents!

The economy in Saxony is growing fast. Companies in Saxony are reliant on qualified workers. We are looking for trained and highly motivated foreigners, who see their long-term career opportunities in Saxony. They are an asset to our economy and they create new jobs. Saxony is an attractive centre of commerce and industry and offers a high quality of life.

In Saxony, immigration is not only an economic necessity but also an opportunity and enrichment for our society. Therefore, we open doors for top talents from all over the world. Qualified workers from abroad and their families are welcome in Saxony!

The regulations for entry and stay depenting on you origin.



Job offers in Saxony


You can search for job offers in different job market information Portals.

Portals for Qualified Employees »ITsax«, »ITmitte«, »MINTsax«

Jobs for qualified employees, trainings and internships in Saxony, esp. for the cities of Dresden, Chemnitz, Bautzen, Görlitz and Kamenz.

Doctors for Saxony


The Network for your career entry. Information and Serviceportal for medical practice in Saxony. (only in German)
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