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Europe and the World

During the first half of the last century, a unified and peaceful Europe seemed unthinkable. Today, the European Union has become a major player in world politics and the global economy.

The European aspect is an increasingly important factor of our every-day lives. European laws govern many areas of our lives, our economies become increasingly intertwined, and mobility grows - Europe is growing closer despite different languages and cultures. The European accord has become a model for success.

Worldwide Connections

Sixty years after the end of the Second World War, more than half of all European nations have come together under the umbrella of the European Union. Very close partnerships and cooperations with the remaining European states complete the picture. But also beyond Europe, on a global level, connections grow stronger in all areas.

Saxony at the Heart

Saxony is part of these developments. Saxony has taken on an important role in the context of Europe, and cooperates closely with other states and regions on economic, political, and cultural issues.

However, the Free State does not only contribute on European level; it also maintains a network of partnerships beyond EU borders.

European Union

European Union

Important facts about the European Union - from its beginnings to issues concerning Saxony, to EU information offices within the Free State.

Saxony in global Context

Saxony in global Context

Saxony maintains positive partnerships and relations with its neighbours as well as with regions and states all over the world.



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