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Saxony in global Context

Saxony is a state with a wide spectrum of international connections. Due to her geographic location in the heart of Europe, and her network of important transport routes, Saxony was able to benefit from lively cultural and economic exchange far beyond her borders during the past centuries.

International Joint Ventures

Based on these solid foundations, the Free State of Saxony has been cultivating a broad spectrum of international joint ventures with over 30 states. At the heart of her efforts lie the middle and Eastern European countries. In addition, Saxony is also open to future-oriented partnerships and joint ventures with countries in the Americas, Asia, and the Middle East.

    Project Diversity

    The broad spectrum of Saxony's international relations encompasses regional partnerships with currently eight regions, and cooperation in specific projects or in topic-specific networks.

    The objective for all of the State Government's endeavours by way of its own activities as well as through promotion and moderation, is to support Saxon institutions and free agents in their partnerships in Europe and the rest of the world.

      Teaserbild Gute Nachbarschaft

      Good Neighbours

      Teaserbild Der Blick in andere Länder

      Looking beyond our borders

      Teaserbild Grenzüberschreitend Leben und Arbeiten

      Cross-border living and working



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