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Saxony and European Politics

Saxony and her inhabitants are directly or indirectly affected by many basic decisions concerning future developments of the EU.

We are at the Heart of Things

Reforms in individual policy areas, including agricultural or regional and structural policy, also have a noticeable effect on Saxony. It is therefore important for the Free State to be heard in the discussion process in order to represent her interests at early stages of the decision making process.

We set Priorities

That is why the Free State sets specific priorities in her European policy. Saxony is representing her citizens in numerous areas. In addition to providing information about the EU and its objectives, Saxony also strives to reinforce the regional level within the EU in cooperation with other European regions. Europe thrives on cultural diversity and competition among the regions. A strong position of the regions guarantees transparency for the citizens and is an important prerequisite for acceptance of the EU.

Main Topics of Saxon European Policy

Main Topics of Saxon European Policy

In short - the most important points and positions of Saxon European Policy

Europe for Saxony

Europe for Saxony

What exactly is EU structural policy? What types of funding are available in Europe? And how can individuals benefit from them?



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