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The European Union

For many EU citizens, the European Union seems a surreal construct, and Brussels very far away. But all decisions made and measures taken directly impact all of our lives every day.

EU - Champion of the Law

The EU has strengthened the rights of each and every EU citizen. Every citizen has the right to free movement within the Union, and can take up residence and work in any of its member states. You will never have to show your passport on borders while traveling within the Schengen area. The unified currency, the euro, and the EU driving license provide the bases for even more freedom and mobility within Europe.

The EU protects and connects

Various EU regulations are in place to protect its citizens - mobile phone charges for calls from outside the EU, for example, are capped, our food and feed stuff are monitored in accordance with EU-wide standards, and our statutory health insurance is recognised in the EU, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland.

And the EU also connects us with other countries. Technology and innovation is exchanged faster, which drives progress. The common economic market without internal frontiers facilitates trade and is a great boost to the economy. All that not only provides economic stability, but also growth for all countries in Europe.

But the EU does not only link markets - it also connects people. There are numerous student exchange programmes available for pupils, students, and trainees, which provide young people with an opportunity to stay in a foreign country.

The EU promotes and supports

The European Union promotes its citizens and businesses. There is a lively cultural exchange among the member states, while local traditions are strengthened, protected, and promoted. Over 100 billion euro are set aside annually for the promotion of economic, cultural, and social purposes.

The Saxons in particular benefit greatly from the European Union. Our future lies in and with Europe!

Beginnings of the EU

Beginnings of the EU

The foundations of our unified Europe - the history and beginnings of the European Union.



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