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Good Neighbours

The common border between Saxony, Poland and the Czech Republic is in total approximately 570 kilometers long. Developing and nurturing good neighbourly relations, particularly in the light of our neighbours now also being EU member states, are among the most important political tasks of the state government. That is why cross-border cooperation has even been incorporated into our Saxon constitution.

Close Connections

Saxony continues to come closer together with her neighbours.  The centre of Europe has already seen the formation of a cross-border area - the European regions. But there are numerous other connections: close partnerships with individual regions, a multitude of common declarations, agreements and projects.

The European Regions

Regions of Europe

Saxony, Poland and the Czech Republic are growing closer together - by way of the European regions.

Regional Partnerships

Regional Partnerships

Saxony and her neighbours work together in a large variety of areas - as partners.

Common Accord

Common Accord

Saxony, Poland and the Czech Republic enter into common agreements and initiate projects.



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