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Regions of Europe

A view of the Elbtal Valley - Saxon Switzerland

A view of the Elbtal Valley - Saxon Switzerland
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The regions along the Polish and Czech borders with Saxony are in regular and active exchange. To facilitate the process, they have formed a close partnership and have founded four European regions.

The Idea

European regions are networks of counties and municipalities along the inner and outer frontiers of the EU, which are formed with the objective of promoting cross-border cooperation. The basic idea is to overcome the dividing effect of national borders, to promote cross-border encounters, and to provide an innovative basis for utilising the unique potential of these regions.

Organisational Structure of the European Regions

European regions are supported with administrative structures on both sides of the border to facilitate reaching their objectives. The main administrative level and contact of the relevant European region is its headquarters on each side of the border. These headquarters are supported by super-national executive bodies (council, committee), which are supported, regulated, and advised by topic-specific workgroups, e.g. in the areas of environmental protection, infrastructure, or social issues.


The duties of the European regions include:

  • Cross-border regional, project, and deployment management
  • Information transfer and PR work
  • Conflict management in case of confrontational developments
  • Reinforcement of the entire regions competitiveness

Support and Financing

Projects in the European regions are facilitated with specific EU support programmes, e.g. Interreg or its successor Target3. Additional conceptual and financial support for the European regions is provided by the Saxon state government. These are provided primarily for the promotion of cross-border encounters and the cooperation of local inhabitants.

The four European Regions

The work emphasis of the four European regions along the Polish and Czech borders with Saxony is on the three topics:

  • Ecology/Environmental Protection
  • Tourism/Recreation/Leisure
  • Culture/Sports

For more information on current events and projects, please visit the relevant homepages.



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