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Broadcast Financing

Broadcast Financing

Broadcast Financing
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Public service broadcasting is mainly financed by licensing fees. The fees cover the majority of costs accrued for production, design, and dissemination of radio and TV programmes of the public service broadcasters. As a rule, this licensing fee is a mandatory payment for every broadcast consumer, even if he or she decides not to utilise public service broadcasts. It therefore does not constitute payment for services rendered, but rather a means for the federal states to finance broadcast media in Germany.  The licensing fee is tied only to the provision of a broadcast receiver unit.

The obligation to pay a radio & television licensing fee stems from the Treaty on Broadcast Fees (RGebStV). The amount payable and the distribution of fees is regulated Treaty on Broadcast Financing (RFinStV).

For more information, please visit the GEZ (national agency for TV and radio licenses) website at



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